What is Bakar?

Bakar is more of a concept and a philosophy than an activity. To understand bakar, it is necessary to get the concept of vella and vellapanti first.

When an individual has nothing to do, no activities to perform, and his brain is full of thoughts which are mostly useless and no one is interested in them, then that particular stage of an individual can be termed as vella. The activities performed at that stage is called as vellapanti.

Bakar is a more higher stage of vellapanti. When a couple of vella’s interact together and do some vellapanti which involve humor, fun, statistics, sarcasm that activity is termed as bakar. The key to note is that vella is a singular while bakar usually involves three or more individuals.

A list containing the key elements of bakar and many more things are under progress and will be revealed in The Bakar Guide … Part 2.

Till then, bakar chalu rahe 🙂

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