About Bakaristan

Bakaristan welcomes all the bakar bugs to the one and only place for fun and bakar. Lot of people have asked us about the reason of starting something like this when there is already hundreds of Social networking websites and humor websites available.
Our idea is to get people from all the zones of world specialised in quality bakar, so that their energy can be propagated unidirectionally to the needy and bakar thirsty kinds.
People who associate themselves with the idea of quality discussion, fun discussion, intelligent discussion, and above all creative discussion are devoid of anything of this sort. The frequency doesn’t match with people around them. For the sake of this community we have made a place where in one can unleash the best of their creative mind with due appreciation from their counterparts and bakar specialists.

we always sound vague and bouncy , its in the genes can’t help it

We hope you will give us the privilege of getting to know the bakar side of you.z