Tips for your Hair Colour to have last longer effect


Frequent salon visits are expensive and at-home touch-ups every four weeks are time consuming. So what to do then? I go through the same issues, taking out time for touch-ups, and at times it gets very irritating. Before planning any long trip I check my visible greys and same headache of touch-up. And in summers specially due to lot of sweat we do frequent hair wash which results in frequent touch-up!

Get the right Hair colour

Hair Colour

When it comes to colouring your hair which lasts long, you’re better off being discerning about which colour you choose. Totally switching you hair colour , say going from brown to blonde can be a fun switch up, for example, but a colour so far from your own is likely to require more frequent maintenance. Plus, the fading will be obvious. But if you aim to hide your greys choose a colour as close to your natural shade as possible instead. When it starts to fade, it will be less noticeable.

When to colour

Did you know that the natural oils your scalp produces help strands hang on to colour? That’s why most instructions in at-home kits say to dye “unwashed” hair. So avoid the shampoo at least a couple of days before you colour your tresses. Also, try to avoid washing your locks for a couple of days after you colour. You’ll be giving your hair a chance to completely absorb colour. The better and more locked in it is at the start, the better it will look over time.

Deep Condition

Deep conditioning is always a good idea, whether you dye your hair or not. It helps hair stay healthy, soft and more absorbent. A deep conditioning mask a week before colouring will give you great colour, and continuing a weekly treatment will help keep it that way. And yes as we always say , prefer applying hair oil before your every hair wash.. Applying a glaze is one way to protect your hair from environmental damage that fades colour.

Avoid Alcohol-Heavy Products

Keeping hair healthy is one main motto when you colour your hair .Dried out hair or unhealthy hair loses colour fast and its dull appearance makes what colour is left look sad and tired. Before you apply any product like hairspray or gel, look at the label. If alcohol is listed within the top five ingredients, skip it. Alcohol dries out hair like nobody’s business.

Pick the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

We usually stick to the same shampoo and conditioner which we generally use on non-treated hair but shampoos and conditioner that claim to protect colour-treated hair aren’t just an ad gimmick. They’ll help prevent fading, unlike other hair cleansing products. Look for those that are made for your shade and use them if you can. Definitely avoid using a “clarifying” shampoo right before or after your hair is dyed.

Hair shower Know-How

The sun, drying products and heat-styling are definitely to blame for fading colour, but just plain water is no less culprit:. Keep your hair out of the direct line of water your shower head emits, unless you’re rinsing. Hot water dries out hair, making it more porous and more prone to colour being washed away. So when you’re rinsing, take the temp down to lukewarm or even cold, if you can’t handle it. The less you wash your hair with shampoo (even colour-protecting shampoos), the more colour you’re keeping on your strands. Invest in dry shampoo to use in between washes and consider wearing a shower cap on days you’re not washing.

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