Natural Remedies for Happy Lips from Chappy Lips

Natural Remedies for Happy Lips from Chappy Lips

Get to Know the Science:

Before elaborating on how to treat our lips this summer, let us understand the science behind chapped lips. Our lips consist of special glands called ectopic sebaceous glands which usually nourish the lips and keep them moisturized naturally. Chapped lips, in simple terms it can be defined as removal of flaked superficial dead skin cells. Sometimes, due to lack of natural oil from the glands and/or improper external care, lips become chapped.

There are some basic preventive ways which can save your lips from drying.

Natural Remedies lips

1. You Are What You Eat!

Flaky lips have a lot to do with nutritional intake. A Balanced diet keeps them supple. Apart from adequate water intake, certain nutrients that are essential for lips are vitamin E, vitamin C, Zinc containing foods, fruits with antioxidants. These nutrients are available from some food items like coconuts, nuts, dry fruits, milk and cucumbers.

  • Cucumbers are a natural source of ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which is an antioxidant in nature. Vitamin C boosts natural production of collagen, that is a part of a connecting fiber network of skin cells. Cucumber also contains caffeic acid which reduces the damage caused by harsh UV rays and thus protects the delicate lip skin.
  • Coconut is very healthy when it comes to fat content. It contains unusual fat called medium chain fatty acids-MCFA. When eaten, coconut reduces cholesterol and improves good fat and when applied externally, helps lips to soften.
  • Packed with a lot of nutrients, nuts and dry fruits like Almonds protect and moisturize lips from inside.
  • Drinking at least 8 glasses of water would result into more soft and supple lips.
2. Natural Serums for Your Lips!

It is very important to take care of lips externally as you expose your lips to harsh wind, dust, pollution and sunrays several times a day.

  • One of the best remedies is a plant called aloevera. It is even better to seed your own garden plant in order to get pure jelly. Cut the leaf in two halves and the jelly that oozes out is a solution to almost all skin related problems. Apply this gel before heading out or before retiring to bed.
  • For severe chapped lips, turmeric mixed with honey and milk works very well.
  • External application of extracted mango butter and almond oil is also very helpful.

To summarize, rather than using chemicals and synthetic cosmetics, try the natural home remedies to get the gorgeous lips .It is just a matter of a little care and prevention , you too can have happy lips this summer!

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