Lakme All Over Shimmer Gloss Review

Lakme Shimmer Gloss

Rating:  2 / 5 stars      

Provides satin soft finish on your skin as well as highlights your makeup.

Price: 325 Rs.

lakme all over shimmer gloss

Product Claims:

Trap the colour of the rainbow on your skin. This technicolor gloss lends shimmering highlights to any makeup. Scoop out a bit with your finger tips and smear it on your face for that silky finish and mystical glow.

My Review:

I always wondered how do celebs catch that dewy soft facial glow. How their high cheekbones look so supple and sheen. Mind my word sheen and not shimmery. Whenever I had a chance to get myself groomed completely at the high-end salons, I always asked them to use that kind of makeup products on my face which gives such a polished skin finish. I believe, that’s the only right place to put forward our ‘diva desires’ after going feebly lenient on our pockets. But No! I don’t think they had something what I exactly wanted.


That’s how my quest begun to find out such a highlighter or blush or foundation or whatever you may call it. Soon after, I bumped into Lakme All Over Shimmer Gloss. Though the product is called all over shimmer gloss it doesn’t truly have that shimmer in it. Gladly, That’s what I wanted! This gloss is to be blended on the apple of your cheeks and probably also on the forehead. When I swatched it at first, I adored how this golden yellow cream took beautiful ivory colour on my skin and after a few seconds it turned pearly pink! Glam! I happily purchased it.

Eventually I grasped the magic ends there. All the pinks and pearls are gone. All I am left with is oily-oily skin! How religiously I follow everything to steer clear of acne on my skin. If I wear this one for long it would be a warm welcome to my little acne.


But I must say it smells delicious. I can’t get over the smell of vanilla ever. So, I found out a further lovely use of this little pearl-swirl. I use it as an eye shadow base. Because of its creamy texture baked eye shadows and powdered eye shadows set beautifully on my eye lids and also last longer! It’s so called pearly finish adds to the beauty even more! Only initially though.



1. It smells really good.

2. It feels really magical to see this pearl-swirl change its colour into yellow, white and pink with pearly undertone.

3. Substitute use: Can wear it as an eye shadow base to make it last longer.

4. If not as a makeup shimmer or highlighter, you can also use this to nourish your dry skin. Ultimately, it won’t be a clear waste.

5. The packaging is pretty.


1. The product being quite oily it doesn’t feel light on skin due to Indian weather.

2. It may cause more acne down to its very creamy nature.

3. It doesn’t really give polished skin finish. It rather makes the skin look oily and sticky.

4. It is not something which you would really want to have in your vanity case. Hardly of any use.

Availability: At Lakme Outlets

Would I buy it Again: No

Rating: 2/5

Overall Recommendation:

I would never buy it again. I wonder if I’d really finish up on this too before the time slips. Perhaps, I may literally use it as a petroleum jelly to provide intense moisture to my knuckles and elbow. You are smart enough to make out everything further. Yes, my quest to find out a glossy highlighter still continues…

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