Are You Guilty of Ignoring Your Elbow, Knees and Ankles?

Guilty of Ignoring Your Elbow, Knees and Ankles?


Most women tend to neglect certain body parts and skip following a comprehensive daily skin care regimen during the daily drill. This not only result in faster aging of skin but also causes dark spots and patches, that can be an eye sore. Some of the commonly unattended body parts are elbows, kneecaps and ankle joints. There might be several reasons behind the developments of dark patches.

Many experience darkening of skin in these areas during early childhood. It is because of customary wear and tear during playing, bruising and friction. Other reasons include harsh sun exposure, negligence to skin care, hormones, genetics and medication. Hormonal changes and medical pills may boost increase in melanin, which is a darkening pigment in the skin. The dead skin cells eventually results into a dark, dried and flaky skin surface. Some of these causes that led to skin darkening can be prevented or managed. Here are the easy remedies one can easily employ as prevention and cure.

Beat the Sun

Though sun light is a source of Vitamin, it can also take away vitality from your skin. Do not forget to apply sunscreen whenever you step out of the house. Even less intense sun-rays in the morning and evening may result in skin darkening.

Milky Way for a Star Look

skin care

Milk is one of the best moisturizers. Moisturized skin is less prone to darkening and dead skin-cells accumulation. As a preventive action, add a pinch of turmeric and gram flour to milk and apply to the sensitive areas. It naturally lightens the melanin. Mix milk with baking soda and applying it in a circular motion to lighten the skin and remove dead cells. Vitamin E oil, honey and glycerin can also be added to milk and can be used as a daily nourishment regime.

Regular Scrubbing and Moisturizing is a Must!

Regular exfoliation may prevent dark and flaky skin patches. You should gently rub knees, ankle and elbow joints with loofah with any soap or bath-gel you use. Alternatively, let the natural ingredients play their part. Coarsely ground oatmeal, gram flour or crystalline brown sugar can make a great scrub. Add a touch of essential oils, honey and milk to prevent a drying effect. Scrubbing followed by a good moisturizer can do wonders. Scrubbing should be done less frequently like twice a week.


It is So Lemony

Lemon is considered as an elixir to all skin related problems, be it internal or external. Cut a fresh lemon fruit into two halves. Now, rub them against the problem area while squeezing them until the juice is exhausted. Lemon juice can also be mixed with milk or honey and applied the same way. Keep this for 2-3 hours and wash with warm water. This can be done every day for the persistent problem and less frequently as a preventive action.

Apart from the above preventive actions, eating well is very much essential. Include a lot of green vegetables, milk and food with micro nutrients in your daily portion. Be patient; follow the beauty regime and get extremely beautiful skin in no time.

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