Dry shampoo: Get The Washed Look Without The Wash

Dry shampoo: Get The Washed Look Without The Wash

A dry shampoo is the one that cleans your hair without water! The concept may sound ground breaking but it’s actually been around for ages. How? Remember the time you’d put a little talcum powder on your scalps, let it sit for a while, and comb it out to for less oily hair look. Well this is pretty much the same thing.

What is Dry Shampoo?

A “dry shampoo” is really just an oil-absorbing powder which gets the grease out of your hair without wetting it. It generally comes in a powder or spray form which you work on your scalp for a minute or two and brush off the excess for a clean look hair. It has recently gained popularity as an easy way to extend the gaps between washings.

dry shampoo

So why is everyone raving about dry shampoos?

Simply because washing your hair everyday strips it off its natural oils. Dry shampoo solves the dilemma for you. Besides giving the hair a break from shampooing, they are also quite practical. Try some dry shampoo after a rigorous work out and refresh your locks and save time in the locker room.

What Does it Do?

A good dry shampoo adds texture and volume to the hair, so you’re not likely to look like flat Betty after using it. If you’ve got that fabulous blowout from the salon, make it last longer with touch ups from dry shampoo. Long flights, quick fix for an evening date, sudden meetings and more, dry shampoos can combat a multitude of emergencies.

Pros and Cons :-

Wait! Before you rush to the stores to pick it up, check out some downsides of using dry shampoo. Firstly, while they remove the gunk from hair, it will never give you the same results as wet shampooing. Next, you can’t use dry shampoo of any hair type. The shampoo is after all DRY, so if your scalp doesn’t produce much oil, aka you have dry hair, it might lead to flaking and dandruff.

Tips For Using Dry shampoo:-
  • Also, to use it thorough combing is essential. This might not go down well with curly or coarse hair where brushing is anyway an ordeal. Also, it leaves a slight residue and if not used right it may make your look right out of the 18th century with that white powdered head.
  • Do try dry shampoo to see if it suits you for a hair emergency, but remember these tips: If you are using an aerosol form, spray it at least six inches away from the roots. It will help to evenly distribute the product for better results. Make sure you wait a couple of minutes before styling. Women tend to panic if they see it coming out white.
  • They don’t comb or blow-dry it through. Don’t use it on wet or damp hair. After all it is called dry shampoo for a reason. Finally don’t worry if you get it on the mid-shaft. This gives extra grip to the hair and provides more volume, decreasing the too-soft feel fine hair can sometimes have.
  • Finally, dry shampoos maybe great but remember, if you need to reach for dry shampoo after a third use, it’s time to take a shower.

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