How to Avoid Harmful Beauty Products

Avoid Harmful Beauty Products

It is an elaborate effort to pick up the right and less harmful products amongst abundance of cosmetic products being flooded in the market. As per researchers in the US, there are over 80,000 chemical ingredients used in personal care products.

Some of them include names you cannot even pronounce. One in eight out of these chemicals is toxic to human body organs. Some of these are industrial chemicals like surfactants, degreasers, plasticizers or pesticides, may act as potential carcinogens, endocrine disruptors & reproductive or neurotoxins.

Hence it becomes essential to verify the ingredients before you opt for the conventional cosmetics like shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, skin creams, soaps and lip care products etc. The easiest way to select a safer product is to choose a less fragrant one. However, know more about selecting safe ingredients from the tips below.

Hair care products for Your Crowning Glory

Shampoos, conditioners and hair colors for your crowning glory need to be chosen carefully. It gets scary as you are introduced to the list of harmful chemicals that you pour on your hair every time you take a shower. So, before you buy hair care products, read the ingredients carefully.

What is Harmful: Products with nitrosamine, parabens, methylated isothiazolinones, ammonium or sodium saureth sulfate, silicones, trisodium EDTA, sodium benzoate etc.

  • What is Safe: Products with aqua and glycerin base with natural ingredients like Citric acids, aloe vera, henna & tocopherol (Vit. E), salts like sodium citrate & sodium chloride and organic oils like jojoba, almond, tea tree & neem.
Choose right to look bright with Skin creams

Generous use of skin care products like moisturizers, sun-screen lotions, fairness products etc could also lead to skin damage; following is a quick guide about what’s good and what’s bad about your products.

Harmful Beauty Products

  • What is Harmful: Parabens, urea, SLS, polyethylene glycol (PEG), paraffin, benzoyl peroxide, DEA, MEA & TEA, and triclosan.
  • What is Safe: Petrolatum, hyluronic acid, glycerin, ceramide, aloevera base, shea butter, cocoa butter and dimethicone.
Soaps may feel soft but can act harsh!

A common perceptual mistake is to identify a good soap by its foaming capacity and fragrance. You should always be cautious in choosing a soap since it affects your largest organ – Skin. Go for a soap which has more natural ingredients.

  • What is Harmful:Anti-bacterial agents like triclosan, DEA & TEA, emollients with silicone, SLS etc.
  • Healthy & safe: Glycerol, plant oils, fruit & flower extracts, flavonoids, glucosides, terpenes and Vit. A, E & C, carotene etc.
Lip care products your smile says it all!

While touching up the color or applying a lip balm few times a day, you never think how many noxious chemicals you unconsciously eat, which could be potential toxins. Take utmost care of your lips with safe products.

Harmful Beauty Products

  • What is Harmful:Lead and other heavy metals, parabens, retinyl palmitate, lanolins and coal tar
  • What is Safe: beeswax base, shea & cocoa butter, aloevera, natural or herbal coloring agents etc.

Packed with any number of harmful substances, many of your favorite products could also be hazardous. We rarely check the ingredients label on our beauty products as it is downright confusing due to complicated names. Opting for the most expensive product may not always be the best bet. It might be impossible to avoid all of the harmful chemicals, opt for the one with higher amount of safe ones. Thus, take your time to verify the ingredients before you pay for it or else you will literally have to pay for it!

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