Top Eye Makeup Trends for 2016

Top Eye Makeup Trends for 2016


Once you’ve mastered the art of eye-makeup, you can create endless looks for yourself. Of course, to master your eye makeup, you will need to invest time and money in acquiring the right makeup tools and shades.

This article focuses on how makeup can enhance your most important feature – your eyes. So let’s explore some eye-makeup trends for 2016:


Fierce Eyebrows for a Feisty Look

 Think you can get away with ignoring eyebrow makeup? If you see the before and after results of eye-brow makeup on your face, you will definitely rethink skipping this out of your makeup regime! Celebs like Cara Delevingne are rocking their fabulous brows on the red carpet and you should too! For amazing eyebrows, try the Benefit cosmetics Brow Zings available at Sephora.


Smokey Eyes are Hot

The smokey eye is like the little black dress, one that will never go out of style! To create this look, you need to have highly pigmented black eye-shadow. Try the darker shades from the Sephora Collection. To add a metallic sheen to your look, top off the dark shade with the Stila Jewel Eye Shadow in black diamond.


Pop of Colour for Dark Eyes

Most Indians have dark eyes ranging from light brown to black. If you want to enhance the colour of your eyes, use contrasting eye-shadow in shades of emerald green, blue and purple to enhance the beauty of your eyes.


The Coveted Cat Eyes

 Cat eyes are the most coveted look this season as they make your face appear sharper. However, with sultry summers ahead, there is no need to give up your favourite look. Just invest in Makeup Forever’s Aqua Liner – it’s available in liquid form and cream/gel form. This is a waterproof formula that doesn’t come off with oil or water!


Smokey Eyes With a Twist

If you’ve perfected the basic smokey eye makeup, try to enliven your look with using colours such as cobalt blue or purple. To get the look absolutely right, you must use good quality, pigmented eye-shadows.

Now that we’ve touched upon all the different types of eye-makeup looks for 2016, here are some important tools that you will need to re-create these looks:

Makeup Primer to Beat the Heat

With the sultry summer heat, you must apply primer to achieve that flawless look. Try Sephora’s Gel primer or the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional balm that minimizes the appearance of open pores and sweat!

Makeup Brushes for Flawless Application

 If you’ve never used a high quality makeup brush before, then you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on! The Body Shop has some really good quality brushes, along with MAC, Bobbi Brown and Sephora. Ask the store makeup artists to show you different brushes and techniques to use them.

Waterproof Makeup is a Must

Most women in India avoid the use of dark eye makeup in the summer because of excessive sweating. Invest in a few basics such as waterproof Kohl or Crayon eye pencils from brands like Stila or Makeup Forever and you can happily apply your eye-makeup everyday!

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