DIY Home Hair Spa Treatment for Luscious Locks

DIY Home Hair Spa Treatment for Luscious Locks


If you’ve been experiencing hair problems such as dandruff, dry hair or hair fall and have tried all the expensive hair care products under the sun, then you’re staring at the right page! Try out some of these home remedies and DIY hair masks with pure ingredients for the best hair you’ve ever had, naturally:

Blend in an Avocado, Egg and Olive Oil Hair Mask

If you’re someone who hates the ‘eggy’ smell in your hair after applying an egg mask for shine, worry not! This super nourishing hair mask smells divine! Just mash half an avocado then mix a whole egg and olive oil. For best results, apply with a hair-dye brush applicator and cover head with a shower cap to allow the ingredients to really sink in and work their magic! Leave on for at least an hour and rinse off. Then shampoo as usual.

banana face pack

Banana Hair Mask for Damaged Hair:

Blend an overripe banana with honey and lemon juice and apply to the roots of your hair. This mask is especially good for chemically treated/damaged hair. It will nourish your locks and strengthen the roots of your hair.


Oil Concoction for Long Hair

Most are aware of the benefits of cold pressed oils that are available in the market these days. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, while Jojoba oil is helpful for controlling dandruff and for imparting moisture to the hair. Castor oil is beneficial for treating hair loss and split ends and almond oil is rich in magnesium, making it ideal for treating hair loss. So take your pick from these amazing oils and make a concoction of your favourite oils. Apply warm and once a week for best results!

Get a Wholesome Oatmeal Hair Mask

Oatmeal hair mask is great for removing dandruff flakes from your scalp and for getting rid of excess oil. Mix some oatmeal with almond or olive oil. Add a few drops of milk to form a paste and apply this mask for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

There are a huge variety of DIY hair masks out there for you to try out. Find the one that suits your hair the best and create a regular weekly regime and stick to it, if you want to see results. Usually, 2-3 applications are enough to see a visible difference in your hair.

To get the application part right, you must have a separate brush for your hair packs (don’t use the same brush you’ve used for hair colouring as the chemicals will still be there). Get a washable shower cap. You will also need a long-tail comb to part and section your hair and section clips if your mane is really long and heavy. With these tips, you are ready to get started on a path to super lustrous locks!

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