How to Color Your Hair Using Coffee Naturally

Most of us love coffee but I’m sure that many of us haven’t tried coloring our hair using coffee yet. We all use different hair colors from different brands to color our hair, but coloring your hair using coffee gives it a natural sheen along with many other benefits. Just like you use henna to color your naturally, you can also use natural stuff like Tea to gain good results. Here you will find out about how to color your hair using coffee naturally. It won’t take up a lot of your time and best of all, it is inexpensive.


  • Quarter cup of instant hot coffee
  • Any conditioner (half cup)
  • Plastic bag and towel
  • 1 tablespoon of coffee granules (instant)



  • Take a conditioner and pour it into a cup.
  • Add the coffee granules into the conditioner and mix it together. Make sure you mix it until all the granules are mixed thoroughly.
  • Boil water and add a tablespoon of coffee granules into it, or use quarter cup of strong coffee.
  • Pour the brewed coffee or the instant granules mixed with water into the mixture containing coffee and conditioner. Mix everything thoroughly and wait for about 5-10 minutes until it sets properly.
  • Just like you drape your shoulders with an old towel to catch any drips with any hair color, follow the same procedure here too. However, you need to apply this mixture on to your dry hair while some hair colors need to be applied on to your hair when it’s wet.
  • Just make sure that the mixture doesn’t dribble on to your face and arms.
  • Massage your scalp until the mixture seeps in.
  • Use a plastic sheet or bag to cover your hair and wait for about half an hour so that your hair gains a lot more color.
  • Use any shampoo and rinse your hair and blow dry.

That’s about it and you’re done.  The reason you use a plastic bag is because the heat from the bag and the heat from your head helps the coffee deliver more color. You can use this to color your hair a light brown, depending on the amount of times you use it.

Coffee Beans


If you’ve used another hair color and dyed your hair blond, this color might look shabby. However, if you have natural brown hair, you can wait until the color fades and then try this. This recipe might not last for more than 10 days in the beginning but as you continue to use it, you will notice that the color lasts for a long time. It actually washes out a bit every time you wash your hair.

However, color seems to become richer as you continue using it. In addition to that, if you don’t like the smell of coffee, this might not be suitable for you. The smell might last for a day or two before fading away. Anyway, this recipe will work better than the other hair colors we use as they contain a lot of chemicals. Enjoy with your rich brown coffee color by trying this recipe.

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