Top 5 Digital Football Nail Art Designs

Many of us love sports, whether it’s cricket, tennis or basketball, but with the football season becoming extremely hot this season, we decided to come up with the top 5 Digital Football Nail Art designs just for you! If you’ve been missing the FIFA World Cup 2014, make sure you’re updated with the recent matches and scores at least. These Football Nail art designs are going to make you crave for more as they simply look awesome and sporty.

Digital nail art designs have become very popular nowadays and you can find various designs on the internet. Whether you want a picture of your spouse or a picture of a Christmas tree, you can sport it on your nails quite easily. These nail art designs not only look amazing, but they are pretty easy too. The best part is that these designs don’t take up a lot of your time.

With the football season becoming really fiery, men and women stay glued their TV sets. Ladies, what better way to woo your man than sporting these awesome Digital Football Nail Art designs? If you love the sport, flaunt it and show it off in a way that’s trendy and here to stay.

Before we talk about these awesome Digital Football Nail Art designs, let’s talk about what’s really meant by Digital Nail Art. Nail art picked up popularity in Japan and soon spread to other countries all over the world. It is a great fashion statement and you can try of these designs at home too. However, if you’re a beginner, you might want to start off with something that’s really simple and then move forward to other complicated designs. This rule applies to other nail art designs, but with Digital Football Nail Art designs, you don’t even have to start off with something simple as it’s all the same!

To begin with, you will need a few things for your Digital Football Nail Art Designs. First, you need some images of your favorite football stars or you could just go ahead with flags or mascots. Simply put, go ahead and choose anything you desire and don’t be shy to try this more than one time as you might not get perfect results every time. The trick is to try it with one finger first and keep trying until you succeed.

The images you choose needs to be imprinted on your finger nails and therefore, you need to be the best judge and measure your finger nails. You also need to choose the right kind of paper. Try to choose something that’s not too thick and not too thin either. The best kind of paper would be the ones used in printers. You can also buy digital nail art design machines, but why spend on that when you can pull this off at home?

The easiest option for beginners would be to opt for flags when it comes to Digital Football Nail Art Designs as you don’t really have to worry about the exact size of your finger nail. However, if you choose to go ahead with the pictures of your favorite football stars, you need to make sure that you have the exact size of your fingernails and then imprint the picture on paper. To get the picture with the exact size you’re looking for, you could use either MS Paint or Photoshop. This way, the picture will be imprinted on your finger nails in a neat manner, just like you want it. Once you’ve chosen an image on paper, make sure you have different sizes for all your nails and in addition, you need to have more than 10 as you need to be prepared with more pictures if you mess something up.

Remember that you can try the same with your toes as well.

1)      Mascot Digital Football Nail Art Designs


Mascot Digital Football Nail Art Designs

As you can see, this is a picture of a mascot and when you choose something like this, you need to be aware of the dimensions when you cut them out on paper.

2)      Digital Football Nail Art Designs of flags


Digital Football Nail Art Designs of flags

With Brazil hosting the World Cup, it is impossible to miss all the action. Brazilians have also made it a point to entertain the crowd and you’ll know what I’m talking about if you watched them play against Chile. The entire stadium seems to be packed with fans from all over the world to cheer Brazil on. It actually seems like a colorful carnival since Brazil is hosting it. While most of them paint their faces with different vibrant colors, it is a great way to show your support by sporting these designs on your nails. This is another example where you don’t have to worry about the sizes and these are perfect for beginners too.

3)      Amazing Digital Football Nail Art Designs

Football Nail Art BAKARISTAN

Amazing Digital Football Nail Art Designs

We love Brazil so much that we wanted to show off another design with Brazil in the spotlight again. As they advance to the next round, you need to watch out for “Hulk” and other players who seem determined to win the World Cup. With the way they’re going, it doesn’t seem like an impossible dream either. This design is awesome for Brazilian fans as it’s cool and sassy at the same time. You can also use a transparent nail polish to gain a glossy effect, but that’s optional and is up to you. With different designs for all the nails, it looks stunning. Cheer the Brazilians on with this superb design!

4)    Digital Football Nail Art Designs with logos


Digital Football Nail Art Designs with logos

Go Lionel Messi with this design! When you think about Argentina, Maradona and Messi pop into our minds. if you’re wearing Number 10, you have to be special! These guys are not only known for their finesse in the sport, but they also rock with their style and sense of fashion. If you’re an Argentinian fan, there’s no better to show that than sporting this design. Argentina seems to a huge favorite to win the cup this time as Messi is in his sublime form. In this particular design, you can see that two designs are combined here. In such a scenario, you need to print them out as usual and then paste them on your finger nails. In this case, you don’t even need to combine two images as you can get various pictures like these on the internet. This design will take a while to master as you can see that it includes a little detail, but if you start off with the images shown above, you can so this eventually. However, even if this design is messy, we know that you love Messi just because you tried this design!

5) Nail art design – France


Nail art design – France

France has advanced into the round of 16 too and though they aren’t as good as Argentina currently, you never know what’s going to happen. The French team is all set for their game with the Nigerian team and though Nigerians are usually underestimated, the French have clearly stated that they are not making that mistake. Clearly, this World Cup seems to be a roller coaster ride with so many ups and downs. None of the teams can guess what’s going to happen next as some of the best teams have already been eliminated. If you’re supporting the French, you’re going to dig this design.

6) Nail Design – Germany 

Nail design – Germany

It is a known fact that the fans from Germany are the craziest when compared to others. You might have noticed that in mos of the matches. As Germany has also advanced into the round of 16, the stadium seems to be packed with German supporters who’ve traveled all the way to just catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. The Germans, just like the Argentinians, have a splendid chance of winning the cup, and if you’re supporting Germany, this is the best design to sport!

7) Nail art design – USA


Nail Art Design – USA

The U.S.A has also advanced into the round of 16 and this has come as a shocker for many people. Many experts and pundits predicted that they won’t be able to make it, but as this team played in an amazing manner in the Group matches, they seem to have found their place among the teams. Though teams like Italy and Spain who had a great chance to win the Cup have been eliminated, USA is still going strong though nobody expected them to do so. Football, known as Soccer in USA was’t really popular among their fans but the FIFA 2014 World Cup seems to have changed that. The USA team might be the underdogs, but since this is a World Cup of upsets, one can’t be really surprised if they actually win the cup.


How to do it:

Now that you’ve seen the images, you might want to know more about the process of perfecting these Digital Football Nail Art Designs at home.

  • Apart from scissors and paper, you will also need some alcohol like Vodka or some mouthwash.
  • First, paint your nails with a dull shade of white so that it looks opaque.
  • Wait for your nails to dry thoroughly and take a small cup and pour in the alcohol or mouthwash.
  • Dip your finger into the cup and wait for about 15-20 seconds.
  • Use the papers you’ve cut up already and lay those strips on your nails, with the images facing the nails.
  • Press the paper firmly but try not to shake it too much as you need a perfect image.
  • Peel the paper off after a minute and let your nails dry thoroughly again.
  • Continue the same process for all your nails and you’re done with your Digital Football Nail Art Designs!

Once you’re finished, you can also coat your nails using a transparent nail polish so that it adds a glossy effect. As you can see, the method is pretty simple and you can try them anytime at home. Don’t forget to sport these Digital Football Nail Art Designs when you’re watching a football match next time!

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