Kejriwal Exposed with his Lies and Hypocrisy

Kejriwal Exposed with his Lies and Hypocrisy

Arvind Kejriwal and AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP) has really managed to get attention of Indian Youths and people who had lot of anger against the system. But are we making a good decision by supporting Arvind Kejriwal who has the tendency of lying and making every kind of noise by calling everyone other Agents, Dalals, and Chor and gives clean chit to himself and his party members?

Here are some facts and proof how he has cheated India. Watch this video

Does that make something tingle in your head. Can you really believe Arvind Kejriwal ?


This expose was from the AAP member itself


If you still have any doubts watch this. After Krantikari Episode this is another Krantikari by CNN IBN. and he claims Media is bought by MODI.

So after PPB of AAP TAK its the Rajdeep & his wife. We all know how he has given tickets to so called un biased journalists.

Here you can see how he makes U turns.

So did anyone get a chance to expose Arvind Kejriwal or everyone is bought by Modi to promote Kejriwal.

Did you get a chance to watch Rajat Sharma stripping Arvind Kejriwal watch this

Well I believe we can get back to our senses and start questioning the real motives of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP

I will place some more facts for you to ponder upon.

In Varanasi pathological liar Arvind Kejriwal opened can of lies against Modi in front of his mindless followers. He told that he visited 26 districts in Gujarat, and that too in four days, which means either he is superman or how good is road development in Gujarat that he could cover 26 districts in just four days.
He told that in Gujarat over five thousand farmer have committed suicide while when he was in Gujrat he said it was 800, means just before few days to election Kejriwal will finish the entire farmer community of Gujarat! During his speech he never talks, how he will create opportunities for employment, what are his development plan, how he will uplift farmer etc.
When he was calling everyone Dalal, Agent, Chor it was ok, as soon as he got a taste of his own medicine he could not even respond properly.
I am not adding the usual rhetoric of his lies on Delhi Agenda’s or the Security, CM house.
I hope sane people will now make up their mind.

If you want to read on how his blind supporter are hypnotized read this here “Conversation with AAP Supporter”

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