What Future India is facing after 2014 election?

General Elections 2014 is actually one of the most talked about and eagerly awaited election. This election is also Important because it will change the course of India and will be first & final election for some of the Stalwarts if things did not as planned. (Specially Modi)

Since your vote counts and will make History you must think of possible outcomes before you go and vote.

Pm Candidates

Let us analyse some of the permutations ( you can always add/ correct.)

1) BJP Gets Clear Majority and forms the government

2) Congress Gets Majority & forms the government

3) Third Front Government

4) Re-elections

Lets start taking them from bottom to top.


This situation will only arise when there is hung parliament and there are no consensus over supporting one single candidate. India currently battles issues like Price rise, un-employment, & corruption which directly effect common citizen of India and Issues like Economic condition, National Security, & growth effects the sentiments. India and its citizen can not afford re-election in any case not only because of precious money being wasted but the precious time for building the nation . Further it will only worsen the conditions and will everyone’s life miserable.

Third Front Government

So you must be voting to following parties SP, BSP, TMC, CPI, CPM, AIADMK, DMK, AAP, JDU, NCP, BJD, RJD, TDP etc. or may be Independents. So what is the significance of these parties in a general election? Is it possible that they can form government in their Individual capacity? Answer is straight “NO”. Leave alone individual capacity they collectively are combination of Fire & water. SP – BSP, TMC – CPM, AIADMK-ADMK, JDU-RJD for example.

They all are good for assembly elections but for general elections they will only play spoilers by negotiating ministry, by fighting. India will take the last priority and you can imagine the condition of that futuristic India.

Is there any precedent for such kind of Government. – Yes

Was it for good- You know the answer.

So what are we voting for? This Election I presume we are voting for Stability, so that one single Party can concentrate on Building this Great Nation, Can really Prioritize their commitment towards India. I believe this election we are voting for India, we are voting for change.


Lets first ask ourselves a very simple question “AM I happy with last ten years of congress?” If the answer is Yes you should not look for anything else but vote for Congress. But if the answer is “No” then you should examine what has changed in Congress this time which makes them worthy of your precious vote.

You must read up what they have accomplished, what they promised, what they are promising now. Remember this time vote for stability.


Does BJP really give us hope – NO then you should start again from the beginning of the post. If you have doubt then you should look for what they have done in their respective states. Who among them you see a credible face who take India to next level. This time do not vote just for the sake of voting but to make sure you are looking at India first and your vote will bring a leader who will take India Ahead.

If you have read this far then you will also want to see this election season who is talking what?

Having been fed by lot of election news, campaigns, speeches and what not i have realized the entire political class got divided into to sections Pro Modi & Anti Modi (Anti BJP). Let us ponder upon why this has happened? even the so called party for common people (AAP) has just turned into Anti Modi?

Possible explanations:

1) BJP is divisive and will divide IndiaBJP

2) BJP if comes to power there will be communal riots

3) BJP is not secular and hence there will not be any INCLUSIVE Growth

I would be happy to know if you can point out any other reason. So to prevent BJP every single political party is getting United.

Great, I respect that but why don’t you guys unite when it comes to India, when it comes to creating opportunities, nation building, & prosperity. If everyone can unite for stopping one single MAN then who is making it PRESIDENTIAL Election?

Having said that, can you really believe that BJP will divide India or will create riots when it comes to power. How lame can one be?

I wish we come to our senses and take up our decisions not because of what Media or everyone is saying but thinking rationally.

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