Conversation of an Erstwhile AAP Supporter with AAP Supporter

There was a time (before Delhi election) when everybody I knew was hell bent on rooting out congress and thus vouching for Kejriwal in Delhi, Modi in Center.

I must confess I was one of them and supported Kejriwal not only monetary but with promotions also. Soon after Delhi elections I had to change my Mind, I felt cheated and realised it was a knee jerk reaction to the anger against congress and have made a blunder by supporting a MAN (Not AAP) who is ALL NOISE. The number of lies and change of minds in this past 4 months have made me Pro-AAP to ANTI-AAP. I have actually reached an emotional closure with AAP but lot of my friends did not and still supporting it blindly.

Modi Vs AK

While I was travelling in a train I met a blind AAP supporter and we got in conversation here are some of the excerpts (not publishing usual rants)

Me: Dude, what is wrong with AK instead of telling people what he will do and why should people vote for him, he is telling people why they should not vote for Modi?

AAP-S: What is wrong in that? We don’t want Modi to WIN. If he will come he will sell India to Crony Capitalist.

Me: First of all why do you say that? Just an assumption or do you have any proof? Second to fight an election you tell us why people should vote for you and what you will do if elected not why the other person should not come to power?

AAP-s: AK has visited GUJRAT and he saw that entire GUJRAT is in hands of Ambani & Adani. we don’t want India to be sold to Ambani and Adani. Ambani & Adani are putting money for MODI’s rallies & campaign. That is why we dont want Modi.

Me: Do you have any proof? and you still did not answer why people should vote for AK?

AAP-s: Yes AK has documents and proofs to show Modi sold Farmers Land to Ambani & Adani at 1 Rs.

Me: He he. He had 370 page proof that Sheila was Chor what happened to that. She is now governor of Kerala. He had Proof that Gadkari was Corrupt, he is moving free while AK is facing defamation suit. So dont tell me he has proof. If he has why not go to court and file a case? why rant in front of Media, by the way why people should vote for AK?

AAP-S: We filed an FIR against Sheila and its for the Police and Courts to decide the next process. We have documents to show that entire Gujarat has been taken by capitalist. There is no Gujarat Model, Bad healthcare, bad infrastructure, 5000 farmers have done suicide, roads are no good. Villages don’t have electricity. It was all a lie. It is among the lowest in HDI, lowest in education, IMR, Blah Blah….

Me: Hahahahahaha..Dude if entire Gujrat is bought by Ambani & Adani and still Gujarat is lowest among all fronts then you should go and ask all your questions to Ambani & Adani.

A its a complete lie that FIR is against Sheila, Her name is not even mentioned there.

Farmers Suicide – though any suicide is not good for society but its well below 800 in last ten years. and before you quote that number compare it with Suicides in Maharashtra.

We can debate on the economic data and number for many days so lets not get to that, please tell me why I should vote for AK?

AAP-S: Pause for a bit …..

We will bring LokPal.

Silence for few seconds

Me:  And?

AAP-S: LOKPAL will eradicate corruption, which will help India grow.

Me: That’s your reason? Do you know what is there in AK’s Lokpal? Have you read it? Besides there is already a Lokpal Bill passed.

AAP-S: That is a Joke-Pal.

Me: Have you read it ?


Me: Well then there is no point arguing about that. I have seen what AK did in Delhi and there is no way he is getting any votes in Delhi now.

AAP-S: AK has done so much in 49 days which no government has done in last 60 years. Corruption is down, Electricity prices were reduced, Free water was given. This is all Media creation. Media is corrupt & is bought by Modi and that is why they did not show the good work of AK & AAP.

Me:  WTH…This is Krantikari Bhai ..Krantikari. Its is media who raised AAP to this level. and You call media corrupt can you tell me specially who are the ones which are bought by Modi? Now you call them corrupt because they raised questions?

and you say Corruption is down…Do you know the rates have increased multi-folds now. There is no single person who has paid less Bill for electricity. and free water ..its a Joke. Nevermind we can go round and round on that.

AAP-s: everyone specially Times now & ZEE News.

Me: and IBN7, AAJ TAK, TEJ, CNN – IBN, HT?

AAP-S: They are the ones which are doing honest Journalism. They have shown what we have done and they follow our Ideology.

Me: You have taken all those so called Honest Journalist into AAP. Ain’t that also Moral Corruption? Journalist are supposed to be Un-Biased. They promote you on national television and then you give them Ticket. Wow! So much for eradicating corruption.

Anyway there is no way you are coming to power in Center. We need stability and proven track record.

AAP-S:  We will get 100 Seats in GE-2014. We will decide who will form the government.

Me:  But AK said He will not support any party? what is the use of 100 Seats ? Planning for another election. Or you will do the same and will take support of Congress?

AAP-S:  We don’t want BJP to come to power. We will ask people whether we should take support of congress?

Me:  Hmmmm.. (well its pretty clear why you are called B-team of Congress). Thanks bro for letting me know your plans and why one should support AK & AAP.

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