Top SEO Blunders and How to Avoid them

Time has changed and so has web world. The sheer dependency or rather increasing monopoly of one GIANT search engine that is Google is giving sleepless nights to almost every webmaster. The big fish can sustain and micro one’s don’t really have anything to be worried about.

The real worried lot is the one who works day and night to make sure they have sufficient number of visitors so that there bread and butter is safe. Every now and then there are changes which makes webmaster start focusing on making their website Google Friendly.

There are websites which have lost 90% of the traffic in single day and there are some untold stories taking those places. The Algo changes are still going on and everyone is taking the painful See-Saw ride. Its not always Google BUT Sometimes, human error and carelessness can play a big role in the downfall of your site. I have listed some of them which may change in near future but these seems to work quite nicely.

Is your website Crawl-able?

You make website, work hard and build wonderful product for users but restricted the Search Engines to crawl your website you are doing one of the most dangerous mistake with respect to SEO. Make sure every page of your website is linked to other text pages. Links can be crawled and indexed. Not having a website and not able to crawl the website is Absolutely same.

Do Not SCRAP Content

Scraping content from other sources is like killing your own website. Plagiarism is strictly frowned upon by search engine. But there are things which you may want to provide to your users and it might be published somewhere else. The best you can do is to rewrite the content or else provide a reference to that page.

Right Keywords

Selecting correct and appropriate keywords for your content is the most time consuming JOB. Having keywords which people are searching should be the only criteria. Go for all the Long Tail keywords which you think is better for your website, for e.g. instead of “keyword tool use” it should be “how to use keyword tool?”

Title and Description

The title tag on a page is probably the most important on-page SEO factor to consider when creating new pages. Leaving the <title> tag empty is also very common. Never make the mistake of stuffing the title with keywords. Keyword stuffing in the Title Tag is looked at as search engine spam (not good).

Write a good description and add relevant keyword in your description. Content without proper description will hamper the CTR of your website.

Selecting right Content Management System

If you are going to use Open Source Content Management System (CMS), you must do a prior research and select the CMS which best suits your requirement. The most common and popular CMS is wordpress and you need lot of modifications so that you dont fall prey to duplicate content issue.

I hope you will find these tips useful. Let me know if you have some killer tip. Please post your feedback in the comment section below.

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