Top 10 Onpage SEO Techniques

After Hummingbird and latest penguin 2.1 update everything is going haywire and webmasters are just wondering what just happened within such a short span of time that everyone (YES Everyone) just got affected and have seen major traffic shifts. The rules have changed definitely and no one seems to have any Idea what they are supposed to do now since nothing has been disclosed by Google so far.

Webmasters are trying and experimenting on various things. There are still some defined rules for On Page SEO though. Changing Schema Markups of content is on top most priority.

Onpage Optimization is most difficult and most fruitful part when it comes to taking the website to top positions on Google or any search engine.  Onpage elements make use of lots of HTML tags including Title tag, Meta tags, heading tags, image tags, bolds, italics, underline, list type tags etc.  A search engine should know the entire structure of website through these markups. A real helpful tool is the Google Data Highlighter for webmasters. A real and easy fix for those dummies. Following are some of the basic things needed for On page optimization.

1. Writing SEO Optimized Titles

One of the most important aspect of On page Optimization is the Title of your content. A properly defined Main and Focus Keyword Included title can do wonders for any website. When writing a page title, one  should make sure that it includes targeted keyword towards the beginning of title. You should restrict your title within 65 to 70 characters only (including spaces).

2. URL/ Permalinks

It’s the second most important part. Your URL should be more like your title containing the main and targeted keyword and it must be as concise as possible. URL’s which are short and which make sense, it carry a huge weightage in SEO. A well defined short URL can turn your ugly URL into a leverage SEO-friendly permalink URL.

3. Write attractive & engaging Meta Description

An Attractive meta description helps in increasing the CTR. Though there is no direct relation to having preference from search engines for this but indirectly it helps the user to quickly identify quality content and thus increase CTR.

4. Content is King

Content is real King now. An Original and High quality article is the only thing which can help you go up the ranks.  It needs to be not only valuable and informative but should be educational and engaging also. A 600-700 word Article is like Magic. Have the toppings of Video/PPT/Images or Infographics and you have the winning formula.

5. Keyword Density

Keyword density is calculated on the basis of total number of times a keyword is used by total number of words in that page content. Ideally you should try to limit your keyword density to 3-4% only. The first para of the article must contain the targeted keyword.

6. Images

An Optimized and Original Image is one of key factors which can help in achieving great results. Using a CDN to deliver images helps in boosting site speed and thus help in rankings. Use ALT tag to describe the image – This helps search engines understand what the image is about. Your image names should be created keeping in your targeted keyword in mind.

7. Sitemap and Breadcrumbs

Create a proper sitemap xml and submit it to webmaster. A proper breadcrumb also helps search engines to understand the structure and content of the website.

8. Use your Robots.txt file Smartly

Make sure you have updated Robot.txt file and its not blocking anything important from search engine. further probe if there is anything on website which you do not want search engine to crawl and add it to your robot.txt file.

9. Regular Updates

Search engines love those websites that are updated on daily or weekly (at least) basis and to go up the ranks you should update your website (addition or editing content) with atleast on a weekly basis.

10. Interlinking

Interlinking helps in various ways. It helps search engine to crawl more connected pages and indexing them quickly. It helps user to immediately visit the related and important content of your website.

Let me know if you have anything to add up. Please provide your valuable suggestions in the comment section below.

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