1×2 Those Missing Hours

Remember the Two Giants we selected to protect the ARMY of DRUNKS, well they somehow convinced everyone that they will only taste the BRANDS which they haven’t seen before. And then they convinced everyone that they will only TASTE  ALL Permutations and Combinations of those Brands. 

And you know what happens when you make a mixture of multi-filtered Alcohols.

The bits and Pieces which were more like flashes are as follows.

HoursWhen I woke up I found three Unknown Guests sleeping over me. I pushed these half dead aside only to realize I could not move my legs and it was all wet. At first I thought I probably fell down from the terrace and my legs are broken and then I saw two more people on my legs. I moved them and my Legs were all ok. I thanked God for such a miracle that after falling down from four floors No bones were broken only some blood might be there.

But there was no pain and when I saw those stains in some light I realize it was not BLOOD…Those bloody UNKNOWN GUESTS. I was still on terrace with few people still partying.

I woke up again and this time I was on stairs. There was this other guy sleeping on the stairs, and few maggu people walking on the corridor with books. I asked them for washroom and they pointed at the end of corridor. I started walking towards the end of the corridor and opened the gates and searched for Toilet but could not find any.

Rather there were people sleeping in the washroom with beds and Computer and books. H-4 really is strange. Even Toilets have computers and beds …oh wait …!

I started walking again and this time I was at right place and started doing what is done best in the Toilet.

I woke up again and I was still doing what is done best in the Toilet. Then I heard a friendly voice and next thing I noticed, I was walking on the road with those Two Friendly People (I still do not know who were those). Another Flash and I was in front of my room telling them where are the keys.

Another Flash and It was Bright Sunshine…



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