1×1 The one with Crazy Nighout

The idea of having fun varies with every intellectual brain, but when there is a herd its mostly done via ocean flow of Booze, Bakar and Nightout. It was Dags Party since he won some post in institute’s organization committee and wanted to celebrate the uncanny victory of his lost soul.

Chubs and turks were the only two people I knew besides the HOST. But what the hell, it was a good chance to expand the network circle and its always good to be friends with fun people. More importantly it was PARTY time.

DrunksWe all went to the terrace of our Hostel only to realize that there was no wall on the terrace and the nearest Land from the terrace was 4 floors below us. Just a thought of Drunk people speaking Hebrew in Chinese form roaming unprotected gave me a chill down my spine. We discussed and figured out that if we can have two GODs who wouldn’t drink then its going to be all fine and keeping this resolution we selected two giants who we thought can take care of entire ARMY of drunks.

And then the party Started …!

I opened my eyes and saw there was a bright sunshine outside and I was in my room STARK NAKED! What the hell Happened Last night? It was 3:30 PM and door was open and My cloths were outside my room lying in the corridor. Oh Man! There Got to be better explanation to all of this. I rushed to find the answers and started looking for turks and chubs, only to realize they were both asleep in same condition…

It all looked like some kind of dream or might be I was still asleep.

The plethora of unanswered questions popped up which made some fission reaction in my head and it was ready to explode.  Then there were those STARES and GIGGLES, which was only making it worse.

I had to wake them up, it was impossible to take those mental molesters with dirty smirks all alone. Persistent yelling and Kicking did the trick for turks but for chubs nothing was working. Finally a bucket of water did the trick for Chubs and then we started talking about the happening of last night and after arranging all bits and pieces the story came out something like this.

To be Continued…

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