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correspondent: Bakar Lord

After a lot of brainstorming and discussions the ministry has come up with the plan to curb the menace created by Raj Thakre, Shiv Sena and “MNS Goondaism” by following Gandhigiri. The next session will have this bill presented in the parliament and if passed without any hiccups will be implemented as soon as possible.

The minister who is not authorised to speak to the media “spoke” about some of the pointers; before going to approval our correspondent had the chance of getting a photocopy of few discussed points here is the list.

For the sake of convenience these category of people will be reffered as “STO-IDI”

1) STO-IDI will be taken to Primary school where they will learn about the meaning of Nation and what is INDIA

2) STO-IDI will be taught the meaning of democratic society and differece between “Mine and Ours”

3) STO-IDI will have regular sessions of YOGA and destressing, to bail them out of  their miserable phase

4) Since they don’t have anything better to do, they will be given the “JOB” of filling POT-HOLEs which will not only help them getting some EMPLOYMENT but silently will resolve the actual problems of Mumbai

5) People of Maharashtra working in other part of INDIA will be invited for special meets so that do not file Criminal Law suites against STO-IDI.

6) Self motivating and Self confidence lessons will be given over a period of 10 years, which is essential to remove the guilt and shame of being loosers.

There are many more details but our correspondent have been kidnapped by STO-IDI . As soon as we hear something about him more details will be published

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