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Dear All,

As expected, I did Google for 1.5 hours on internet to get the perfect ‘bye-bye’ e-mail in place. However, couldn’t find any…apparently there was just one e-mail available that came up again and again in top search results 90% of the time.

What a waste of time and band-width.

I am sorry, for those of you who don’t know me…I am Champak Chauhan (ex-XYZ 1983) and have once sat where you are sitting right now. Yes, that’s right, been all over the place except in some select cabins (still a long way to get there).

Anyway, back to my tale, so I wasted almost 4 hours in just conducting secondary research, independent thinking and sutta breaks (+ 3 short snack breaks)….and could not get even a single line..not even a ‘Hi’. By the way, an interesting finding, if you keep staring at a double digit number on your computer screen for more than an hour..the digits will start moving towards their respective corners on the screen.

So, this made me think of all the things I could have done in the same time (4 hours) on one of those days at my workstation (ex-XYZ F 024). (Refer to the time split pie-chart) 

Well, a finding it may be, but this is what I will miss the most about working in this company. I learned so much in such a little amount of time. I will always remain grateful to the senior colleagues for providing me an opportunity to perform and ignoring the tantrums that I have shown over the years. I am thankful to the ‘not so senior colleagues’ for letting me work with them and tolerating me wherever I was intolerable. And last but not the least, the junior colleagues, thanks for your support and agreeing to adhere to my dictatorship. To the new folks, I wish I had more time to interact with you.

I enjoyed working with all of you. It has been an interesting journey and I take pride in being part of the practice.

Feel free to call, IM, email, tweet, or stop by for dinner/ lunch/ skype party anytime. I look forward to staying in touch and helping you succeed in your own individual quests for world domination.

Bye Bye!

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