What Should be Shared on Social Networks

Social networks have made us publicly visible and available to the world. Today, you do not just put the name of a person in your browser to show you the results that opens every chapter of one’s life but also you can learn about those intricate behaviors and interests which normally you wouldn’t.

The consumer is hungry for quality information , innovation and creativity, learning, identification of new opportunities and to share their own talents, experiences, knowledge and opinions.

There has been a transformation in communication because of social media. Here are some changes that have taken place which have created a revolution in the way we perceive information.

  • People have now become both the producer and consumer of information in every dimension.
  • The judgment of communication is both positively and negatively affected. It is up to the reader to decide whether or not the information is true and credible.
  • Preference over online against offline communication. Because more people communicate online, the value of face-to-face communication is lost. This has multiple affects on the way a message is received and interpreted.
  • Choice to weed out information and messages as per interest and need.

Top 10 things you can Share on Social Networks

  1. The Knowledge and expertise on topics & subjects gained over the years.
  2. Things which can fill the gap of emotional needs and that can quench the knowledge thirst.
  3. Achievements and Success stories
  4. Goals, Challenges, and requirements
  5. Life’s bitter and sweet moments
  6. Interest, hobbies and things which you like
  7. Appreciation and recognition of somebody’s good work.
  8. Sharing Critical Opinion and thoughts
  9. One’s own Achievements, growth path and Life stories.
  10. Information which may benefit others.

Top 5 Methods of Sharing on Social Networks

1. Videos are the most powerful, direct and authentic source of information. Create videos share it to the world. Youtube and Vimeo are the top two video sharing platforms.
2. Picture – There is nothing more emotional than a picture of a past time. One of the secrets of success and penetration of facebook, Picasa, and Flickr.
3. Audio –  One of the most powerful medium, one can create PODCAST and share.
4. Articles (Documents) PDFs, Doc files and letters are easily absorbed and used by the social network. Use Scribd for PDF share or Google doc.
5. Presentation – One of the most effective method to showcase your creativity and knowledge. Use Slideshare to share your Presentations.


Today social networking Web sites are the latest and greatest way to interact with other users on the Internet. One can change the way information is processed and perceived by any individual. I hope this post has given some valuable input. Please feel free to share your  views in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


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