How to Increase Google Plus Followers

Google Plus is the newest and most successful social media network from Google Inc which is directly competing with Facebook, Social Media Giant. Its user base is increasing at a drastic rate and it has already crossed 100 million users. Google is essentially a blend of Facebook & Twitter only with better and more innovative features. Lots of analysts and internet marketing experts claim that Google Plus could be more popular than Facebook in the coming days. You can expand your Google plus followers easily provided you know the right tips and tricks to do so.

Few simple and easy ways to increase your Google Plus followers are mentioned in this article. Read this complete article to learn new ways to get more Google followers free and fast.

Google Plus Benefits

Just as Facebook Like button, squidoo button, tweet and pin it button Google Plus button can be added on a website or blog home and internal pages. When you click on Google Plus button you can see a visit from the Google crawler right there. As more users clicks on Google + button more is the unique visitor count. Many people have benefited tremendously from this novel service and have acquired many followers

Best Methods to Increase Google Plus Followers

So here is the complete list of top 13 ways to increase your followers on Google+:

1. Search for People

It is important that you search for people who are in the industry you belong to. If they add you, then you will have valuable relevant contacts in your network. After logging in to your Google Plus account, click on the circles tab and then click Find people.

Another way of increasing your contacts is simply importing contact from your Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook address book or Gmail.

2. Use Google + as your Digital Signature

Use your Google+ ID as your digital signature and put your Google+ website signature wherever you are digital i.e. email signatures, about me sections, forums and other social networking websites too.

3. Create Google Plus Circle

This circle includes people whom you will be interacting with. You can group your Google Plus Circle in to friends, family, colleagues, customers, team members, etc. You can decide which circle will get which update that you will be making on Google Plus. There will be some updates you would be interested in sharing with your friends only and some updates to your family members only.

4. Create Google Plus Page

Like Facebook Profile and Facebook page, you can create profile and business page on Google Plus. So if you have an active website or blog, you should immediately set up a business page on Google Plus.

5. Ask Friends to add and follow

After you are notified of being added to someone’s circles, it is important that you stay connected and follow them back so that you can keep them interested. Reciprocation is very popular in social media.  Those that you follow are likely to follow you back.  Likewise, if you don’t follow those that follow you, you increase the likelihood that they won’t follow you. You can invite your friends in your Gmail account to add you into their Google plus circle. And if they are new to Google Plus, ask them to join you on Google Plus.

6. Start Sharing Interesting Stories on Google Plus

Ensure that the content you submit and share is relevant and interesting. As the Google Plus community is predominantly Web/ Entertainment/ Technology/ Marketing people – so you must submit content that is interesting to them. You can easily share text, links, images and videos kind of content through Google Plus.

7. Mention Other Users in Your Google Plus Sharing’s

You can involve users in your Google Plus updates by mentioning them using @ like the way we use @tag while addressing other community members on forums, comments, Twitter and Facebook.

8. Send Your Updates via Email to Your Friends

Your friend may not have signed up to Google Plus, but the system has a feature where you can share your updates to people outside the system via Email. You can send updates to your friends directly into their email box through the special feature provided by Google Plus.

9. Comment on Updates and Interact with other people

You should keep note of the fact that there is nothing more satisfying than the comments on your updates, post or article. Keep commenting on the updates and shares of people in your circle which will encourage them to reciprocate and hence your content will also get comments.

10. Always Make Your Google Plus Profile Public

A public profile will always attract people who are not directly connected to you. This way if you can find users who otherwise can’t be reached directly its a great help for your content.

11. Add Google Plus Buttons on Your Website/ Blog

You can add Google Plus (+1) button to your website or blog which will help in your search engine optimization too. You may also add a link to your Google Plus profile, such as in the biography. This way you will be motivating lots of your website readers clicking the Plus button and thus will help in increasing lots of Google Plus followers for your website and blog in whole.

12. Promote Google + Profile to Social Network

Promote your Google plus profile on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Send a message to all the members of your Facebook group to join you on Google Plus. Invite your LinkedIn connections to join you on Google Plus. Ask your friends to Stumble, Digg and bookmark your Google Plus profile.

13. Share Content of your friends

You should start sharing contents of people in your circle. When you start doing it at regular intervals, lots of Google plus users will start noticing you and they would love to return the favor by sharing your content to their circles. Share interesting stuff with your friends on Google plus and encourage them to share your content. When your posts will appear in your friends’ Google plus stream then it will increase your visibility to potential fans and then a lot of them will add you in their circles.

I’m sure the above tips will help you take your Google Plus Followers base to the next level. Do you have a killer tip that can help us increase our Google Plus Followers over night, please share in the comments section below.

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