Indian Home Game Series-2

Poshampa bhai Poshampa:
Two people making a Gate structure and other kids make a line and pass through it… once the songs finished one of the person inside gate is taken and asked a question and accordingly decided n which team s/he goes. The song is very interesting it goes like this

Poshampa Bhai Poshampa
Char khilone kya kiya
Sau rupaye ki Ghadi churayi
Charane ki kulfi khayi
ab to Jail mein aana padega
Jain ka pani peenna padega

Ghora chala bhai
Players sits on the edge of a circle and one person moves around with a napkin in hand and singing the song “ghora chalaa bhai peeche dekhe maar khayi” . S/he plays the napkin behind any one person and tries to cover whole circle before that person finds out.

These are few more games which are much popular when it comes down to playing with COLONY kids.

1) Chupan chupai (hide and Seek)
One of the players is given a task of seeking other players without them touching him

2) Chor Police
Similar to Hide and Seek, but here the police will bring the other team to one place and after then they change sides

3) Kabbaddi
Traditional Indian game. Can be played with not more than 10 players. A rectangle area is divided into two halves and teams occupy each one. Then one person goes into other teams territory continuously saying “kabbadi”. He has to touch other team members and come again to his half without loosing breath and the other team has to hold him.

4) Kho Kho
Played with two 12 Players teams,one team(9 players) sits on ground between two poles and the other team sends three team members. The sitting team has to catch these players before time runs out.

5) Langdi Tang
In a defined area one person hops on one leg and try to catch all the other players.

6) Maar dhaad
Played with soft ball. The player who holds the ball can hit anyone who is playing the game.

7) Aankh Micholi
In a defined Area one player eyes are closed with handkerchief and s/he has to find other players.

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